Nenu The Artisan Baker

Nenu The Artisan Baker is an eatery place which, located in typical bakery environment, blends traditional Maltese cooking, history, memorabilia and entertainment with interactive participation within a relaxed ambience.

Contemporary Period

The International Dimension of Bread

In Canada, The Whole Grains Council was setup at the same time the USDA issued a new Consumer's Food Guide suggesting higher consumption levels of whole grain bread products. 

The Tunisian National Chamber for Bakery Owners comments how the majority of the Tunisian population prefers to consume French bread and baguettes rather than the traditional Tunisian breads. The Chamber is planning to augment the consumption of the Al-Taboona bread, baked in traditional mud-made ovens, and el-Ghanai bread, which is baked on a wide mud-made dish.

Israeli law clearly forbids the display of bread and other leavened goods in public during Passover.  Nevertheless, a court ruling indicated that pizza parlors, restaurants and grocery stores are not ‘public arenas’ by law and thus can sell leavened goods on Passover.

In Egypt the government struggled with trying to avert a political crisis sparked by rising world food prices. Violent clashes broken out at long lines of people waiting for subsidized bread. 

In order to avoid bread riots and other public disorder the army  opened 10 large bakeries in Cairo to produce cheaper bread and had set up about 500 kiosks to sell bread to the public.

Efforts by the EU to regulate salt angers the German Bakers who refer to the EU officials as ‘taste police’. German bakers have criticized Brussels for a proposal that would force a change in the salt content of their products.


Where is Nenu The Artisan Baker?

The Bakery, 143, St Dominic Street, Valletta, Malta  Tel: 22581535

Tuesday to Saturday [11.00 - 23.00]  Sunday open for lunch