Nenu The Artisan Baker

Nenu The Artisan Baker is an eatery place which, located in typical bakery environment, blends traditional Maltese cooking, history, memorabilia and entertainment with interactive participation within a relaxed ambience.

Contemporary Malta

The Maltese Historical Perspective of Bread

Rationing remains a characteristic of post Second World War Malta. Flour, among other food stuffs, was exchanged against the presentation of coupons.

A bakers’ industrial action highlights the recurrent dependency of the local diet on bread as a staple food.

The parastatal company Medigrain was setup as the exclusive importer of milling wheat (hard and soft) intended to keep stable the selling prices of bread to the consumer. 

Federated Mills plc was incorporated in 1994 following the merger of five milling companies whose independent owners became shareholders of the new company.

A study compiled by Hubert Chiron, indicates several characteristics of bread making in Malta. The author was surprised by the lack of an educational institution intended to instruct prospective bakers.

A monument was erected to commemorate the untiring service of the bakers of Malta especially those of Qormi.

Discussions were held between Government officials and the Bakers’ association regarding a proposed increase in the price of bread.

Presently, over 40% of Maltese bakeries are based in Qormi.

Malta gains Independence from Britain to become a Constitutional Monarchy with Queen Elisabeth II as its Head of State. Malta also becomes a member of the United Nations and the Commonwealth. Following the Islands’ independence from British rule in 1964, Malta went through a number of important political developments.

In 1974 Malta became a Republic with the late Sir Anthony Mamo as the first President of Malta. In 1979 the remaining British forces left Malta and the islands also became neutral from getting involved in military affairs dictated by external powers.

In 2004 Malta became a full member of the European Union and eventually adopted the Euro as its official currency in 2008.

Political development had its concomitant influences on several domains of social life, including the culture of food. The contemporary culinary history is going through an interesting phase, were the past and the present food experiences are employed as part of a broader identity seeking process.


Where is Nenu The Artisan Baker?

The Bakery, 143, St Dominic Street, Valletta, Malta  Tel: 22581535

Tuesday to Saturday [11.00 - 23.00]  Sunday open for lunch