Nenu The Artisan Baker

Nenu The Artisan Baker is an eatery place which, located in typical bakery environment, blends traditional Maltese cooking, history, memorabilia and entertainment with interactive participation within a relaxed ambience.


Nenu's Cave Run

Help Nenu pick up as many coins as possible without failling from the gaps!

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Nenu's Pick-Up Drive

Nenu is off for a ride to pick up his fresh ftajjar. Keep Nenu safe by bridging the walls.

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Memory Game

Test your memory by matching the various photos from Nenu's kitchen.

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Print & Play

Print this PDF and enjoy playing our Crossword Puzzles and other games.

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Where is Nenu The Artisan Baker?

The Bakery, 143, St Dominic Street, Valletta, Malta  Tel: 22581535

Tuesday to Saturday [11.00 - 23.00]  Sunday open for lunch