Nenu The Artisan Baker

Nenu The Artisan Baker is an eatery place which, located in typical bakery environment, blends traditional Maltese cooking, history, memorabilia and entertainment with interactive participation within a relaxed ambience.

The Dining Areas

Nenu The Artisan Baker, welcomes local patrons and tourists alike to savour local, traditional, authentic cuisine in one of the oldest parts of Malta within a setting embracing a typical bakery scenario. 

Apart from the meeting spots such as the ‘Bar’ area and the ‘Discovery Room’ area (primarily aimed at the younger generation), the premises offer an extensive dining coverage spread in many key points such as the ‘Courtyard’, the ‘Attic’ and other areas which may easily cater for special occasions and events. 



Where is Nenu The Artisan Baker?

The Bakery, 143, St Dominic Street, Valletta, Malta  Tel: 22581535

Tuesday to Saturday [11.00 - 23.00]  Sunday open for lunch